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House of Zwide: have have a vote Soka or Sandile?

House of Zwide has created a time bomb that will explode at any moment, leaving hearts under a cataclysmic end.

Ona's looks are like a magnet when it comes to men, it is in her nature to just pull any muscular eye that dares to peep at her direction.

Currently when have two men that have been pulled by her magnetic beauty and as many people have witnessed, it is hard for these two men to unsee what they have already seen. Ona is doing the most.

In yesterday's episode 15 September 2021, Soka took the lead by taking Ona from Sandile, at a time when Sandile was preparing to go on a date with the gorgeous Onalerona. Sandile was just devastated by the experience of seeing the apple of his eyes being taken by another man.

However, as it appears, Sandile has not yet lost. He may have lost the battle for now but he definitely has not lost the war, as this is just the beginning of heartbreaks.

So far Soka has the lead, he even got to kiss Ona and we are sure that the farm boy won't sleep, and he won't even touch his lips for some days now.

What would happen when this love triangle is fully formed? How will Ona deal with it? Will she eventually choose one candidate or do the extreme and date them both? In this day and age anything is possible.

According to our own observation here at Emphatic_Tunne, Sandile has a big advantage if not huge. Firstly, he is a fashion designer at heart which is something in common with Ona, and lastly he spends more time with her doing what they both love.

As for Soka, it will be a supernatural luck if he wins Ona, he is a farm boy and he is not quick to go for what he wants but then again love looks past many things, and because of that we may say that Soka has a bit of a chance.

Who are you with, Soka or Sandile?

Content created and supplied by: Emphatic_Tunne (via Opera News )

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