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He Was Chased Away From SA For Being Too Handsome. See His Recent Pictures.

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SA means Saudi Arabia.

With his shining eyes, well-grommed beards and a perfect moustache, Omar Borkan Al Gala is well made by God and undeniably handsome. Omar Borkan Al Gala is a poet, actor and photographer. The first public images of the man with impeccable looks emerged after an Arabic newspaper reported and showed picture of three men who were deported from Saudi Arabia after fears that women would not resist their looks.

According to Al Gala in an interview, he revealed that he and his two friends were at a festival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia when some girls noticed him for the modeling works he had been doing. As the girls gathered around him for autographs and photos, more girls followed suit and in no time, a crowd grew around him. This made the religion police present at the festival to walk up to him and politely asked him to leave the festival. It was reported that within 48 hours of the story going viral, Al Gala gained more than eight hundred thousand likes on his facebook page.

However, the handsome model is still living off his life with his recent pictures. Take a look;

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