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"No, I have never done a boob job. All genetics and God-given, Ayanda Thabethe said."

"No, I've never done a boob job in my life. Ayanda Thabethe explained that everything is hereditary and God-given."

Ayanda Thabethe, a television star, has responded to rumors that she had undergone cosmetic surgery on her boobs.

She cleared the matter with a series of tweets in which she stated that her boobs were given to her by God and that she had made no adjustments to them.

Ayanda thought it was ludicrous that DJ MacG, the host of the Podcast and Chill show, and Sunday World were talking about her boobs and claiming they were silicon.

"No, I've never done a boob job in my life. It's all genetics and a gift from God. It's not that I owe you anything, but you may have it and do with it what you want with the knowledge. "Thank you very much."

The television host criticized anybody who felt they had a right to someone else's body choices. If it wasn't coming out of your pocket, she claimed, it wasn't your business unless the individual openly shared their path with you.

"What is it about folks who believe they have a right to information about their selected cosmetic surgeries? Is it true that you are footing the bill for their operation? If this is the case, no one owes you any information about their body unless they choose to reveal it. It is a matter of personal preference. However, having stated that, I did not perform my boobs."

Ayanda attributed people's entitlement in others' private matters to social media, which she deemed to be a source of contention.

"Social media has created a sense of entitlement to other people's personal lives and general life choices," says the author. "It's completely ludicrous."

It's not the first time the television personality has had to debunk rumors that she's had a boob operation done. In 2019, a tweep made the claim that she got boob surgery. She clapped back at the tweep, advising him to get his facts right before spreading such rumors about her family.



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