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Make beats online from anywhere.

Making beats for hip hop, rap, dubstep, or any other kind of music is a fun way to be creative.

You never know when inspiration is going to strike and if you don't have your beat making software handy, you might lose the recording of a great idea. The software you install on your desktop or laptop computer is great addition to your overall music production setup, but you can't easily take it with you.

What if you're at work, with friends, or just using another computer you own when you have a new idea for a beat? The best option is probably to use an online beatmaker.

An online option allows you to create beats from any computer with an Internet connection. Instead of installing software directly on your machine, you access an online beat maker program through a personal account. Just log in and start making beats!

Online rhythm programs come pre-stocked with tons of samples and some of them even allow you to install your own samples or purchase enhanced sample packs. You can save your progress to work later, or export completed beats as MP3 for use in other projects.

This means that if you're at the public library working on a research paper when all of a sudden a wicked rhythm pops into your head, you can jump into one of their computers, log into your online program, and keep up! When you return to your study, you can log back in to keep up and keep working.

While online beat makers offer the convenience of being able to make beats from anywhere, they do have some downsides compared to the beat programs you install.

1) They usually don't have as many sequencing or editing features.

2) Many of them do not use high quality WAV 44.1 files for samples, nor do they export WAV, only MP3.

3) Odds is an online beat maker program that won't have the same samples and loops that you have in your main studio. In many cases, however, you can import your other sounds. Think of online beat makers as a way to take notes for beats.

Like keeping a notepad in your pocket to jot down thoughts you may have throughout the day, an online beat maker lets you "take notes" in rhythm form when they occur to you.

Besides the practical benefits of online programs, there is also another benefit: They are fun! The next time you get bored on the internet, just have surfed as much as you can, jump to your online beat maker, and start playing beats.

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