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Pregnancy period

SkeemSaam: See how Pretty makes a confession to her family and leave them in shock


I so wish Lehasa can find out and take care of his responsibilities, yes pretty is nothing but problematic child. I think she's gone through so much already, she deserves a break. Besides we all make mistakes no one is perfect I feel sorry for poor girl. As for Mantuli, she needs to stay calm and support her child, otherwise she will regrets her actions when its too late. She's too much on her child and Pretty will end up making wrong decisions because of the pressure she us getting from her family. It's sad on how you see the pain pretty goes through. Especially when she she fakes her smiles, she wants everyone to think that she has everything figured but deep down she is going through a lot.

Atleast Lehasa is not anyone's husband nor baby daddy.Yes she is still at school she should've focused on her books, but her Mother is the first person to sit her down and talk to her calmly because the situation isn't going anywhere. Instead of shouting and calling her names they should find a solution to this problem, after all everyone makes mistakes and Mantuli knows that very well considering her ordeal with the Maputla's. Instead of judging her daughter she should be showing nhet unconditional support.

It seems Pretty is finally ready to face get family and tell them what her plans are with her pregnancy. Tonight she will finally face them and tell them about her decision, pretty will.tell them that she won't be keeping the baby and she wants to do abortion. Her family will be left in shock with Pretty's decision and feel that she is crazy to even suggest that. Viewers feels that Pretty must keep the child then tell the truth that babydaddy is Lehasa so that he can take responsibility. She really need a health pregnancy she has been through alot, if Mapitsi was able to do it at the age of 16 she can also do it at the age of 21.

I agree what Pretty has done is wrong but Mmantuli should know these kinds of mistakes happen, she should give her a break. She is not a saint either, she should remember how she got on a wheelchair. I wish Lehasa set his priority straight. He wanted a child so the child is coming. I can't wait to see Nothile being thrown out of widow just like his he has been doing with all his other women.

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Lehasa Pretty


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