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Joanna Mcdonald slays at 64, what an inspiration: Opinion

This is quite inspirational to see such things that young people can learn from this 64 year old granny. You see how she has transformed her body from an ordinary fat old granny to a healthy sexy looking granny.

You can see she was big before, and now her body is slim, and looking very young and fit, it is quite an inspiration to a lot of young people, a lot of young people these days are very lazy to go to the gym. They are very lazy to jog in the road, they are very lazy to do garden, so there is nothing that they do to keep their bodies busy.

When they get some of these chronic sicknesses that are threatening people's bodies these days. Their bodies they quickly crush, and to make matters worse, some of these young people don't even visit the doctors regularly, or take the advice of the doctors or health professional to exercise, and take their medications in case of chronic conditions.

This granny is a perfect example that, if she can do it at 64, a young person can do it. If she can go to the gym at the age of 64, any young person below 40 years can do it, can even do better, because they still have a strength. So this is not an article that is written to publish this old lady or advertise how sexy she looks. But it is written to encourage young people, and other women out there in case they did not know about this old lady, in case they did not know that it is possible for you to work out at an old age. It is possible for you to work out even after you are 50 and beyond. You can still go to the road and jog. You ou can still go to the gym and lift small weights that you can, they can make a huge difference in your body, especially our old ladies that have got chronic conditions.

High blood pressure, diabetes, and so many more, they still can be able to do this, and it will make whatever medication that they are taking to be very effective, good appetite and also encourage them to drink more water which is good for the body.

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Joanna Mcdonald


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