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Muvhango: Rendani keeps suffering

Ever since Hulisani, Rendani seems to be suffering from a long series of badluck. We just can't help but wonder if they will ever stop blaming Rendani for Hulisani's death and for Tenda to actually be arrested because poor Rendani has suffered from enough.

But why isn't Rendani's ancestors protecting her, Muvhango has been popular for showing one's ancestors always protecting them and guiding them when they are not in the right path. Maybe they have forgotten about Rendani. Even Mpho's ancestors are not showing her that she is married to a killer.

One viewer took to social media to say how the storyline has been dragging. It is true, Rendani has been blamed for almost everything, Hulisani's gambling and his death as well.

"Muvhango why ?? What has Rendani do to u for u to make her a fool always 😭😭😭.Why does she have to learn the hard way always ? No scratch that , she doesn't learn ,even the hard way 😂😂😂😂#Muvhango", one viewer tweeted.

One person was in support of the way Rendani has been suffering and believed she deserved everything because she couldny be loyal to her husband on the day of his funeral, she posted, "#Muvhango @MuvhangoSA Tshireletso you deserve every cent you took. Tenda is the one who killed your brother. It's amazing how life works. Rendani deserves to go to jail. For sleeping with another man before she buried her husband."

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