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A dozen books that you have to read

Books are a vital part of human life. Because there are a plethora of books available in the market, it may sometimes get confusing for the readers to pick the best ones. To help you make the suitable choice, here is a list of a dozen brilliant books by Indian authors that you must read:


Rakshabandhan by Nishtha Shrivastava 

Rakshabandhan is a critic of the artificial social frames and sketches the dark reality that changed the life of a little girl Nisha. Rakshabandhan is the most sacred and valued bond between two individuals of the opposite gender and the expectations that are framed from one another are enormous. This story unfolds the battle of a little one from the modern tantrums of a couple, their hardships of being together, and the ignorance that a child faces due to the differences between her parents.

The Caged Tigress by Dr. Arundhati

Story loaded with all positive and negative emotions like love, hurt, pain followed by the state of mental depression and inspiration. A well-educated girl Dr.Aadya, faces ups and downs in her life just like any other normal girl. Struggles with her emotions and fights for her rights. The charming girl turned into a caged girl at just one decision. The legend and epitome in Indian history RANI LAXMI BAI (MANIKARNIKA) become the inspiration and motivation for Aadya.

It's punny... Oops, I mean funny by Namita Das

Anu pushed the pencil on her real-life episodes. Mr. Husband unknowingly contributed to her potboiler with his witty punchlines and sarcasm. She continued inscribing one story after another and Voila! There it was! The book was ready! Want to know what the stories are? Flip the book to the front, admire the cover, open the book and then start turning the pages. 

The Paradise Conflict by Abhishek Ghosh

Abhishek, a professional working in the banking and finance sector, has penned down this remarkably intriguing novel. What will happen if the water is scarce and the world is put under control by a Civil Imperial Regime? People shot dead, imprisoned, or forced into labor camps for entering the surviving water bodies. The Rebels and the tribes get together to topple the rulers. What lies ahead is extremely interesting to know.


Phases of COVID 19 by Dr. Priyasi Das

Based on the personal experiences of the multiple award holder and Guinness book mass attempt record holder Dr. Priyasi Das.

Love, Life, Sex by Manoj Sethy

This is the story of a simple middle-class boy who craves love, but when he experiences that, how love turns his life lucid and ethical to deplorable; for this love how his career is ruined and how sex changes his career and his fame too.

Wondering of Indian International Ethics by Padmaja Bharti

Talking about Indian ethics in diplomacy, this book by Padmaja is a short, quick read but intensely thought-provoking.

Sochna to padega hi by Piyush Goel

A compilation of practical quotes by the Mirror Image man of India, this book is a very good read, especially for Hindi book lovers.

Ma and The Magical Kingdom by Hirani Amisha

Hyderabad-based 18-year-old Amiksha wrote this book that is largely based on her real life. She added her imagination to it making it fantasy, mystery, and adventure non-fiction. She also focused on the eight evils of our world and the first book of this series ends with one of the evils. 


The Words Web by Smriti Malhotra 

A sensational collection of 25 poems that describe various aspects of life like ideas, emotions, promises, and understanding.

Words Unsaid by Shivi Goyal

There are always some words that we want to express but sometimes we hold back ourselves. Words Unsaid is a testimony of all those expressions and words that remain hidden.

Rhime of Time by Padmaja Bharti

A compilation of simple and complex poems written from the heart, this book is Amazon's bestseller.


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