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Here's why Thanos from Avengers was legally right

Thanos from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is considered as a villian even though when we are legally speaking he was right in all aspects. In this article we will discuss why Thanos was legally right in the first place and how the corona virus is playing the same role.

Thanos was not a villian at all, but he was only trying to save the universe and it's all kinds from extinction. Thanos is the only survivor since Titans went to extinction. In Avengers infinity war, Thanos spoke to doctor Strange about what happened to his planet and how he tried to save the planet but instead they called him a mad man and he was then banished from his own home planet.

Thanos was right in all legal aspects when he came up with the solution that half of the universe has to go in order to save all kinds from extinction. Due to finite of the universe and its resources and how the population increase, Thanos saw that the half must go to save the other half, as he even mentioned that children are dying of hunger due to high rate of population that is crippling the food security and how it can turn the universe into hell because of survival of the fittest.

Thanos understood how the universe works, he was not racist nor chose side, his decision was fair to rich and poor like.

Now let's take a look at how the Covid 19 virus is almost like that of Thanos's vision. The Covid 19 virus has made so many people succumbed to it and it also shows no signs of stopping until it reached certain number of people that has to go, to keep things in balance to avoid extinction, crime and poverty.

Do you think that Covid 19 virus is related to Thanos's vision? You can leave your comment below to hear your view.

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