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Uzalo: Guess who is returning to Uzalo, check this out

South Africa Today, Sunday 1 August 2021

Uzalo- Nosipho and Mxolisi destroys Nkunzi, she becomes the owner of kwaNjomane

Uzalo, Nosipho and Mxolisi destroys Nkunzi, she becomes the owner of kwaNjomane

Apparently, it seems like this might be the end of Nkunzebomvu Mhlongo on Uzalo as we all know that he kicked Nosipho out of her own home, however she is now staying at the shack and makes money by selling her old clothes and by being a loan shark. We all know that she is very good at running businesses hence she was the manager at kwaNjomane and the panel beaters, kwaNjomane might fall apart because Sibonelo is faking beers hence he told Sbu to collect as many bottles as he can

This message even managed to make its way up to the headlines of various news sources from the entire internet and various social media platforms concerning this issue, as it is still trending all over the flying news as we speak, by thousands and thousands of comments and posts which have been making rounds through out the entire internet lately.

People are even alleged to go through out various official pages of Uzalo for more clarity on this update to avoid being influenced by inconvenient and fake news which might end up costing them a lot unecessary.

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