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Bridgerton, Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and more: Meet the brain behind this exceptionalism

Bridgerton, Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and more: Meet the brain behind this exceptionalism

Shonda Rhimes: A true powerhouse and brain behind the world's most exceptional productions.


Born and bred in the United States (US), Chicago. The 52 years old is a great screenwriter, author and television producer. She did not only write a various exceptional pieces of art but has contributed to the most loved and trending series and movies around the globe.

Rhimes is a mother to three beautiful human beings. Two of her children are of: surrogacy and adoption. She is not married and is a graduate of the University of Southern California, where she obtained her Bachelor's degree in English Literature and Creative writing.

More than this, Rhimes has a production company called the "Shondaland" that exceptionally produced the following: Bridgetorn, How to Get Away with Murder, Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, Station 19, Off the Map, Inventing Anna being her latest production and more.

Rhonda Rhimes is also an award-winner. In the cause of her career, she holds more than 10 awards including the following: the Writers guide of America Award, Producers Guild of America and NAACP Image award.


Rhonda Rhimes is an epitome of success, with a mind so wide she constructed creative pieces that evoke conversations on all social spaces. Not to mention the unexpected plot twists that the viewers get to witness. Furthermore, her writing shows chronology and the direct effect of the past (childhood) traumas on the future and present, especially if it is not appropriately dealt with. This can be exemplified by Bridgetorn, whereby the Simon Basset (played by Ragé-Jean Page) does not want to produce offspring due to the experiences he had as a child; he had speech difficulties, and due to this his father could not accept him as the prince of the castle.

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