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PAINFUL || Popular Sangoma Speaks On The Death Of Namhla Who Was Killed By Her Partner's, RIP

Letoya Makhene is a South African television actress, musician, and sangoma who has won numerous awards for her work. Her performance as Tshidi on Generations: The Legacy made her a household name. This award-winning soap opera from South Africa airs on SABC 1 every week. She portrays herself as a sleazy and manipulative lady who is willing to do whatever it takes to get her way. In the United States, she is one of the most popular television stars. As Ayanda, she has been in several of the best-rated South African television soap operas.

Additionally, she's a professional musician and sangoma who's been brought into court numerous times due of her consulting fees. In the Sangoma world, she is regarded as one of the best. She resorted to social media today to express that Namhla's death had broken her heart. This is a woman who was a victim of domestic violence in an abusive relationship where she was beaten and abused by her spouse. More painful for ulis is the fact that this was not her first encounter with the man who planned to murder her.

Apparently, they began dating when she was just seventeen, and she was in an abusive relationship for the entire time they were together. He determined to kill her when she finally made the decision to leave. According to reports, a hit guy sent by her partner shot her nine times before he was shot to death on the site. Even people who haven't experienced a loss like hers have been moved by her passing. In this country, gender-based violence is a big problem for females. Women are beaten and killed on a daily basis, it seems.

The worst part is that people who commit these atrocities may even appear to be nice folks. That her life had to end in such a horrible and heartbreaking manner is truly heartbreaking. Angry with the occurrence, Letoya Makhene resorted to social media to express her displeasure and to call for the death penalty for those caught abusing women in this country. Since so many women have been slain by abusive men, this is why. What do you think about this issue? Comment below with your thoughts and be sure to subscribe for additional updates.


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