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Bhululu attacks MaZulu with Lighting and Nkululeko almost kills Phakade.

Bhululu attacks MaZulu with Lighting and Nkululeko almost assassinates Phakade. Lightings and Thunder! This week Bhululu chooses to combat dirty and go all in for the Bhengu family. While Nkulule ambushes his uncle Phakade and suffocates him on the couch. Lighting sent to the Bhengu family surprisesens Zulu.

IMBEWU the Seed has come to a point where it taught the nation all things which are real, the soppie got so much attention because most people believe that such things do happen in real life. The setting of the story outlines truth and people must be aware of all those things in their communities.

The Bhululu thing is trending currently, and it is surprising how people believe in snakes that it can do bigger things on behalf of them. Snakes are being used for a variety of reasons some are not good at all. People like easy come and they can do anything to gain power, fame, and money.



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Bhengu Bhululu Lightings and Thunder Nkululeko Phakade


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