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Stingy Men Association South Africa Releases a New Uniform

I, the Author and member of Stingy Men Association South Africa, I have been a member for over years now. We sat down and determined that we would examine and study all the things that are done by both men and women in this world. We have seen so many fights and divorces, and we tell you today: it is like chasing the wind, because we cannot straighten what is crooked.

We talked to each other and came with a new plan of releasing new uniform that has a logo of an Excavator, ready to destroy any job, activity or mission that is given. We were determined to learn the difference between money and love, and one thing we have realised, is that women after going through a lot with us, when everything starts moving at 100% they change.

Now we know money and love, and I really don't mean to offend anyone, but it's like chasing the wind. It is foolish to raise a hand on your women and wisdom to put everything down to the floor, get rid of the entire building. Reason being that house is the source of all fights. We realised that the more wiser you are, the more worries you have because the more you know is the more it hurts. Take an example by something that you didn't know all these time but the day it comes out to light, you will feel like the head is about to crack.

Remember what is done in darkness always comes to light and it will definitely come to light. We are no longer going to beat our women, it seems like the more we beat them is the more they are playing us. They are getting used to the beating, one mistake she will say, "beat me like you always do." Can you see that there fear is no more? Some women are strong and they are hitting their husbands, when men go to report police laughs.

I'm really heartbroken but it is okay, they sat down with me and they made me understand, why this life is like this. I am very pleased to have them, they are good mentors and they are really good at what they are doing. We are supporting each other no matter the type of matter.

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