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Next Wèèk On Elif S3(30 May).Elif Is In Trouble At School.

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Elif Is Turkish drama that aired on Kanal 7.It is dubbed in various languages and Afrikaans is one of them.The drama tells a story about a 6 years old who is separated from her mother by her enemies.

Monday 30 May 2022

Episode 31 (444)

●Its go back to school for Elif.Elif goes back to school and on her way there she has to say goodbye to Findik.

●Every school has bullies or kids who always cause trouble.At school, one of the kids is very rude to Elif.

●Melek gets attacked in the place area.You wiĺl not be loved by all the people in your area.

●Veysel finds a new deal.

Tuesday 31 May 2022

Episode 32 (445)

●Elif is in big trouble at her school when her classmate frames her.So many evil people in this world who wanna destroy others for no reason.

●Being known by many people might be quite exhausting.Veysel's popularity becomes too hard for his shoes,he cant even handle it.

●Aliye and Zeynep are more concerned and stressed about Selim.


Wednesday 1 June 2022

Episode 33 (446)

●Being falsely accused is painful.Elif is tired about the false allegations.

●Desperate times,calls for desperate measures.Serdar is deperate and calls Umit for hand.

●Yusuf came and saved the day.

Thursday 2 June 2022

Episode 34 (447)

●Everyone at Emiroglu is preparing for Selim's day in court.

●Arzu wants Selim to be punished so hard.Will Selim be punished?

●Veysel and Murat start a pick up a fight with Yusuf, but later that day,they redeem themselves when they come to his aid.

Friday 3 June 2022

Episode 35 (448)

●Selim's words has everyone very sad.Can Selim win this case?

●Arzu tries to recruit a man who have feelings for her,Umit to her plans against the Emiroglus.Will he agree though?

●Serdar's world is falling apart and looks like there is no hope for him.

●Zeynep needs help from someone fielding Emirogullari business calls.This can be difficult for someone who was not in a farming business.

Source TVSA

Elif is a drama that is about the struggle of a mother amd daughter who don't find peace.They are always abused by other people.They have so many enemies and they dont like war or fight.

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Elif Kanal 7.It Turkish


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