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Meet Borzah Yankey, The Tiktok Star That Became Famous For Smiling

Have you ever heard of an African man named Bozrah Yankey, who appears in all of his Tiktok videos with a constant smile on his face? Starting with every video on Tiktok, this young black man began by flashing his pearly whites. The videos drew in a large number of viewers, who were delighted by the way he smiled in each video. They were also impressed by how he smiled in each video.

You can call Borzah Yankey a comedian because he puts a smile on the faces of his fans without acting funny or doing anything else funny; his smiles are what make his fans laugh out loud. He smiles in every video he makes; he always starts with a moody look on his face and pretends like he is not going to smile, and then he ends up smiling as if he were in a toothpaste advertisement.

He has been dubbed "the happiest man on the planet" by some of his fans because he never seems to tire of smiling in his videos. When you visit his Instagram or Tiktok pages, you might think he has won the lottery or something even more significant; he has demonstrated that he can be content no matter what the circumstances are. 

Even if Borzah broadcasts 100k videos of himself smiling in a day, there will still be fans who will laugh over it because they perceive it as a hilarious thing. Every celebrity has something that makes them famous, and Borzah is no exception. He uses his grin as a technique to attract people's attention. 

As a result of his constant smiling, Borzah has gained a large number of followers on Instagram and Tiktok. He knows that it affects others, so he never stops doing it. He posts his videos on a regular basis, and people are always joining in the fun. 

Because of Tiktok, a lot of people have been able to show off their talents, such as Brozah, who would not be as popular if it were not for the countless of his smiling videos that he has shared on the platform. While many people may dismiss the smile as meaningless, others appreciate it and want him to keep doing it because it brings them joy.

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