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"Tell the truth" Kelly Khumalo Once Again Gets Attacked For Senzo Mayiwa

Kelly Khumalo is one of South Africa's talented artists and recognized singers. Kelly has been praised many times for her vocal capabilities and the amazing art she creates. She is not someone who uses social media very often, and when she does, she posts things that her fans enjoy interacting with. Even

though Kelly Khumalo is not someone who uses social media very often, she has been in the media often for the things that happen in her personal life, and that is what gets many people talking. Most people are not even focused on her music; others are just interested in what is happening in her personal life.

So much tragedy has occurred in her life. When the well-known rapper Jub Jub went to court after being charged with murder because he killed school kids after speeding and being under the influence of drugs, Kelly Khumalo was there to support her partner throughout the entire process. The two even had a child together.

And when she started moving on with her life and dating again, she dated a well-known soccer star, Semzo Mayiwa, and he unfortunately lost his life after criminals broke into their home and shot him dead. There were other people present, but many of these people, including Kelly Khumalo, claim they do not know what happened and who the culprits are.

After this tragedy occurred in her life, Kelly Khumalo has constantly been under judgment because some people believe she knows what happened, but she does not want to come out with the truth. So when Kelly Khumalo decides to post on social media, she gets reminded of Senzo Mayiwa.

She got attacked once again after she engaged with a tweet from the president that mentioned the importance of protecting the constitution and democracy. The singer responded to the tweet by asking the president what democracy means if people are hungry, unemployed, and the high rate of teenage pregnancy, as well as crime and the government misusing funds. 

After what she said, some people supported the truth in her statement, while others said that she mentioned the high rate of crime, but since the murder of Senzo Mayiwa has not been solved, many are implying that she knows what really happened on that day.

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