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A good music melody.

 A crowd hooking up and maybe even singing along with something you've composed, on top of your head, at the edge of your bed.

It's a feeling that only a songwriter experiences. It's those kinds of things that go through your mind when you're on stage in front of thousands of people.

You think about the time you wrote the song when maybe you had a bad day at work and the singer (if you're not in a band) is thinking about the time you played him the song in the studio for the first time.

I'm pretty confident that any of the memories will make a stronger impression. The difference is huge. The problem is that a normal human being will not be able to recognize a good melody when he hears or plays one.

What you don't realize is that even classic and epic songs were once just a few chord changes or a simple melody. And the songwriters themselves probably don't think much about it. They don't say it out loud, but they do think it's weird for people to say they just wrote a classic song.

What I am saying is that you should not abandon a melody when it has been presented to you. Play around with it, try changing the clef (I guess everyone knows a bit of music theory).

The song should preferably be in the upper part of your voice but without problems. Now I'm afraid I'll sound a bit like the Spinal Tap guitarist, but you should try to learn a thing or two from classical composers like Mozart and Beethoven.

They knew what music was, making it as beautiful as possible. Things haven't changed. By making the melody beautiful, people will connect to the song, therefore sing along to it, making the song catchy, making you sell tons of records.

Seriously, make your songs as catchy as possible. The most successful approach is to just write pop songs but play them rock style and with a lot of passion and feeling. People who can't write good songs tend to play weird-sounding things, so at least something sticks out when the song itself can't.

The chorus is important; it is what most people remember, simply because it is repeated over and over again. Please don't be one of those people who use a really weird song structure in an attempt to make things a little more interesting. It will not improve the song.

A simple chorus-chorus-chorus-chorus will be fine. This is how most songs are structured. If that sounds good, use it, but don't force it on your songs. One more thing about the melody, it's quite common for the chorus to be a bit "higher" than the rest of the song. But again, don't overdo it and that's not a rule.

I hate when people have really loud choruses where they just scream in the absence of a good solid melody. Usually only a few notes are needed to give your chorus an extra boost.

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