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Makhadzi did this to King Monada's hit song

It is no secret that King Monada and Makhadzi are far-famed musicians from Limpopo. Almost everyone knows them. It seems these two artists are hitmakers because every song they release tops the charts on radio stations and music Channels on television.

They used to have a good relationship but nowadays they are not on good terms. It all started when the hit makers started trending when the 'Moya Uri Yes' singer posted a teaser of their recording session in which they were seen dancing and singing along to Ghanama. Makhadzi days later claimed that King Monada wanted ownership rights to the song and she was not going to permit him to do so.

Their fight broke the hearts of Limpopo residents and their fans. It doesn't end here. King Monada's Ghanama video is no longer available due to a Copyright claim by Makhadzi.

Music stardom isn't always smooth sailing. For some artists, a nemesis (or two) came with success. It seems as though musicians are always fighting with one another. Why is that? It can be understandable as to if the two groups in question have similar style but why has the fighting gone on as long as it has.

Too many South African artists who are very talented are not on good terms and that is not a good thing for their fans.

Do artists own music rights?

In many traditional record deals, an artist signs away their master rights - that is, the rights to their recordings - to a record label either for a set period of time or the length of the copyright. In return, the label provides the artist with an advance that’s recoupable against the artist’s royalties.

That may sound standard, even great to some, but in most of these traditional deals, the artist is prohibited from releasing any records elsewhere with another partner, label, or even artist in some cases. And any recordings made by the artist under the contract are owned by the label - possibly forever.

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