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Rouge the South African Congolese rapper 's grandeur brilliance proceeds to inspire

She is half Congolese and half South African

She is multi lingual , she is versatile and a multi tasker .

She is a successful rapper , one of the best female rappers not only in South Africa but on the continent.

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls . I am talking about the one and only larger than life bubbly and a very individual Rouge.

Rouge thats her stage name . Her real name is Jessica Barbara Wedi. She is a hip-hop artist , Televison presenter and model.

She is a multi talented artist . Her creativity and passion for music makes her stand out in the music industry of Mzansi.

With top charting hits like 'Mbongo Zaka' and 'I am a C.E.O' , Rouge knows how to make a hit records and her dominance in the hip-hop industry continues.

Being half Congolese and South African makes her unique and interesting for she is able to incorporate styles of both her cultures into her music to come up with a refreshing and brilliant sound .

Her versatility and uniqueness has won her numerous awards in her rapping career . 

She is one of the best female rappers we have in Mzansi. Her lyrical content is impeccable and genius, thus her records sell they way they do in the country and on the continent.

Her dazzling looks and exquisite fashion sense makes a very cool and likeable individual in the media and entertainment space , thus she is casted for big presenting gigs on Television.

Rouge has a huge following on social media and her brilliance is inspirational the young people of Mzansi.

She is showing that inorder to be brilliant you have to stand out and you can only do that through being comfortable in your skin and being passionate about your craft.

Content created and supplied by: DJMarlibu (via Opera News )

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