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6 Female Celebrities Who Have Been Attacked By Fans

It's a lovely thing to have a lot of people rooting for you, as a star. Being a well-known celebrity comes with a lot of risks, especially if your presence impacts others so strongly that they go beyond the bounds of decency.

Stalkers and public ridicule have afflicted a number of celebrities in the past. Female celebrities who have been attacked by fans are on the list.

1. Us Weekly says that Kendall Jenner, a reality TV star and model, was attacked by a fan who tried to kiss her on the cheek while she was out for a walk in Paris.

2. When Miley Cyrus was surrounded by hundreds of admirers outside her hotel in Barcelona earlier this year, one of the fans reached within arms reach of the singer and pulled at her hair.

When she tried to flee, he grabbed her neck with his arm and dragged her back towards him. Her lips were kissed as she tried to free herself from his grasp.

3. A well-known Ukrainian prankster seized reality TV star and socialite Kim Kardashian as she was surrounded by a swarm of followers. According to Women's Wear Daily, security officers were able to immediately restrain him.

4. During a show in Paraguay, a fan got on stage and hugged DemiLovato. According to the Huffington Post, the singer briefly left the stage before returning.

5. Joshua's death is mentioned here. James Corbett broke into Sandra Bullock's Los Angeles house while she was there, forcing her to phone the police from her closet and flee.

According to E! News, Joshua was sentenced to five years of probation and mental health therapy, and the actress was handed a ten-year protective order in the aftermath of the incident.

6. During a concert in Brazil, a fan was successful in getting Beyonce off the stage. According to the Daily Mail, the matter was immediately rectified and the show went on without a hitch.

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