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Imbewu: Menzi shows MaZulu his true colors because of this follow incident.

Hello everyone welcome back to Sanelyf Channel and thank you so much for tuning in.

As we are bidding farewell to Zethu's amazing charector, many of us have been asking ourselves what will happen next.

Well imbewu is taking an unexpected turn to complete MaZulu and Menzi’s storyline that was left hanging long time ago. As we all know that they got engaged a month after MaZulu lost her husband, Ngcolosi Bhengu in 2019, We've been asking ourselves about Menzi’s intentions of marrying MaZulu and it's time to find out.

Cultural MaZulu was supposed to MARRY Ngcolosi's brother Phakade and she refused but it seems as if she is having a second thought, looking at what is at stake if she leave the Bhengu family and all the benefits that comes with being a Bhengu. 

According to TV plus magazine Menzi will take a step to suprise MaZulu, He will plan their wedding alone, checking venues, wedding dress, catering and MaZulu will show excitement when she find out what her man is planning.

On a wedding day MaZulu will think twice and not pitch to her wedding. MaZulu's actions will loosen up the monster in hiding, Menzi The monster reveals that he hate disappointment, there is going to be hell to pay, oblivious MaZulu will try to move on with her life and think she could even help Menzi to find someone new.but kungathi uGirl uhambe wrong. 

 It's time to meets his dangerous fiance who His first wife ended in Psychiatric hospital, he will leave no stone unturned when he pay his revenge to MaZulu, Menzi added by saying MaZulu must starts beefing up her security system and protect herself even more because she is about to see Menzi’s true colors.

More drama is about to unfolds stay turned and don't miss imbewu's episodes. 

Thank you so much for watching see you on my next upload. 

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