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Generations: Kumkani leaves mzansi in shock after he did this to Mpho

Ages: Kumkani leaves mzansi in shock after he did this to Mpho 

Mpho had figured out how to get Kumkani to trust and enlightens him everything regarding his tasks. Kumkani trust Mpho yet ittle does he realize that Mpho is working under cover. 

Mpho set Mavusana up with the goal that Kumkani could dispose of him. His arrangement worked yet Mavusana screwed up by attempting to kill Mpho. Kumkani is after him and he intends to kill him. 

Mavusana needed to discover something that will cause Kumkani to accept that Mpho is a nark. This was the main method of ensuring that Kumkani doesn't kill him. 

In the wake of following Mpho for quite a long time, Mavusana at last discovered what he has been searching for turn Kumkani against Mpho. He took a video of Mpho conversing with the Malinga about the secret mission. 

Mavusana went directly to Kumkani to show him the proof. How will Kumkani deal with Mpho. We realize he has a weakness for the kid, in contrast to Mavusana. 

Mpho may get a hit to his head to around evening time. Malinga's main goal is finished. If it's not too much trouble, leave a remark, let us know how you figure Kumkani will deal with Mpho.


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