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Latest News: Slik Talk announces that Kamo Mphela will never drop a hit song ever again

Slik Talk tells it all


Sources: Khawula Musa

Things have turned badly between Slik Talk and Kamo Mphela as they exchange words on social media. The fight started after Slik Talk said hurtful words about Uncle Waffles and Kamo Mphela came to the rescue and saved the day. Kamo Mphela did not like the way Slit Talk was talking about Uncle Waffles as a female artist and she has to put Slik Talk in his place as soon as possible. I think Kamo Mphela did the right thing by coming to the rescue.

Slik Talk is known for talking about different artist especially about the bad things that they do in the entertainment industry. Slik Talk is currently being challenged by Cassper Nyovest to a boxing match to sort out their differences between them. Slik Talk has said it that he doesn't like Cassper Nyovest because he always speaks about himself instead of congratulating others. He stated that he will definitely challenge Cassper Nyovest to a boxing match because he is not scared of him. Slik Talk is the man on the social media who is known for his loud voice and talking bad things about the artist of South Africa.

In my opinion i think Slik Talk just needs an attention from the celebrities, he will definitely disappear because he doesn't have a solid content like other journalists who updates people about the celebrity news. Slik Talk should not focus on taking sides when he reports the news because now it backfires real bad for him. Currently no one is on his side, Kamo Mphela has tried to stand up for a black women but it seems like Slit Talk is blnot backing down either. This misunderstanding will be sort out better by Cassper Nyovest in the boxing ring.

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