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Mzansi in Sh0ck:L00k at what Duduzane Zuma was caught doing with Norma Mngoma.

When Norma Mngoma as well as Duduzane Zuma were found doing something like this, their tongues started spinning. Former Minister Malusi Gigaba introduced us to Norma Mngoma; the two were married until they had a spectacular break out and their separation got attention. They split up after Gigaba had Mngoma imprisoned, but she was subsequently released after the charges were found to be without merit.


Since then, the two have parted ways, and Norma is indeed a very busy woman who runs a thriving business and has recently published a book. She is also a professional author, in addition to becoming a businesswoman and other professions.


The individual who turned up on the day Norma Mngoma published her book drew everyone's attention, and it raised awareness because they couldn't believe the two knew one another.


"Yes, I understand that everyone is here trying to smooth talk and talk about Norma's good stuff, but if we are to look back a little, we will remember that Norma Gigaba was a willing participant in all the shenanigans which she was attesting to, proven by the fact that she never reported any of this to the police. She should be arrested as soon as yesterday. She survived scratching Malusi’s car, but this would be the end of her. 


No, it can't be. Maybe they are on business together. This is Gigab's ex. She is too far older to be his mother. 



Guys, you must learn to read. Duduzane was invited to a book launch by Norma in which she gave tips to women on how to uplift themselves and become huge role players in thebusiness space. " 'Said Facebook and Twitter followers


It was not what anyone expected to see, but when Duduzane Zuma, Jacob Zuma's son, showed up at Mngoma's opening day, everyone was taken aback. He brought much-needed visibility for the book, as people began to inquire about the title and how they could obtain a copy, while others simply expressed their congrats in the comment thread.


The day progressed well, and by all appearances, it was a triumph, and everyone's thoughts were about how these two knew one another and.


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