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Thuli Phongolo becomes insulted after someone posted this pic of her with another man see comments

Phongolo began her acting career playing Zama on the South African Broadcasting (SABC) TV series; This. While a perfect at her high school, Phongolo played Namhla Diale on the soap opera Generations: The Legacy. After leaving that show in 2018, Phongolo acted in SABC's TV series Makoti and Mzansi Magic The Republic. By September 2017, Phongolo was an amateur disc jockey. a profession she maintained through at least November 2019. In November 2021, Phongolo landed a role in the upcoming film I Am Sofia.

One thing about being a celebrity is that you will always find yourself in a lot of unnecessary drama because your on the spotlight. That's why it's always important to keep your life private, no matter how hard you want to share just don't because everything you do people will be watching you waiting for you to make a mistake and then they will crucify you.

Thuli Phongolo has been trending lately and not for the right reasons but because of men. It first started with Duduzani the son of the former president Jacob Zuma, Thuli was accused of dating Duduzane not long ago but it turned out not to be true because Duduzani is a married man. And then it was Maphorisa, Thuli Phongolo is been accused of dating Maphorisa and this happened after a video of him dancing with Thuli went viral. And that is not only those 2 they are accusing her with but the ate other people she is been accused of dating.

Just when people are still trying to figure out what's going on between her and Maphorisa, boom another picture pops out talking about wrong timing, now it seems like things are getting worse as Thuli is now accused of cheating on Maphorisa, after a picture with another man was share on social media by ChrisExcel on Twitter.

Like I said it's always good to keep your life private whether you are a celebrity or not keep your private life private. Now it seems like everything Thuli does she is crucified for it, everything she does they are watching her and observing, this means Thuli is not allowed to hang out with anyone if she does that she is dating the person of which is not fair for her.

Thuli has been in the entertainment industry for quite a long time now and she should know what to do and what not to do to stay out of trouble. Because now she can't enjoy her life without being judged.

This should be a lesson to other people out there that keeping your private life private is a good thing because social media people are watching and they might ruin your reputation. Or behaving in a proper way might help, look at Thuli by just dancing and taking pictures with people she now labelled and given inappropriate names.

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