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Vukile saw Jakes at Uthuli Waste. Mbali should stop lying.

Vukile saw Jakes, Mbali's fake dad - her uncle, at Uthuli waste and he ran for his life. Jakes did not expect to see Vukile there, if he knew that he was there he wouldn't even dare to set foot there. He caused chaos there so that he could hide as soon as he saw Vukile but Vukile already saw his face.

Jojo invited his mother in law for dinner. The whole family was there at the dinner except for Zen and Vukile. When Vukile arrived the dinner had already started. He told them that they wouldn't believe what he saw at the compound. He told them that he saw someone who looked exactly like Mr Hlatswayo, Mbali's uncle, then he laughed. Mbali's face started to change, and we all know what she does when she is in a corner, another lie comes up. But this time how will she explain the situation because they all think that her father is in Dubai.


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