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Pearl Thusi and Bontle Modiselle pole dancing

Pearl Thusi is a TV personality, actress, businesswoman and model who has been in the industry for over a decade. She's also a mom, and as you can see, she's still in great shape and looks great. Have you ever wondered how she maintains her beautiful looks? Well, she works out and she always shares videos of herself lifting weights and doing other activities in the gym. She even started pole dancing recently. Pole dancing has always been misunderstood by many and associated with erotic dancing and strip clubs.

However Pole dancing is a full body workout. It is a combination of resistance training and aerobic exercise that also improves a person's flexibility. Pole fitness helps you develop strong core muscles and abs for that perfectly sculpted tummy and it's also incredible for building upper body strength. 

Pearl was joined by choreographer Bontle Modiselle who is also an excellent dancer. However Bontle also shared that it was her first time doing this but on the video they both looked like pros. 


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