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Check out how much you will pay for your DSTV package in April.

Here is a brief history of DSTV.

DStv is a Sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service owned by MultiChoice. The service launched in 1995 provides multiple channels and services to their subscribers. 

DSTV has saved as from a lot boredom. There are so many channels filled with content. Before DSTV you could only watch 4 channels SABC 1 to 3 as well as eTV and the good thing is that it was free. These days many South Africans opt for DSTV channels instead. But there is a problem with the content from DSTV.

DStv BoxOffice movie rentals going up from R35 to R40.

DStv Premium will increase from R819 to R829, DStv Compact Plus will increase from R529 to R539, DStv Compact will go from R399 to R409, DStv Family subscribers who paid R279 will pay R295, and DStv Access subscription fees will increase from R110 to R115 per month, from April.

The DStv Access fee will increase to R105 per month, while DStv BoxOffice rentals will go up by R5 per movie to R40. The pricing of Showmax and the recently launched "Add Movies" add-on package will remain unchanged for 2021.

No matter your DSTV package you will get things on repeat. DSTV has the tendency of repeating shows and it can get boring as you might have seen the show 5 times already. No matter the amount of money you pay for your package it's still the same.

SABC channels and eTV will remain the best as they don't repeat shows as much as DSTV does. You find shows during during the week and they only get repeated during the weekend. But they don't have to a lot to offer due to limited channels.

Which broadcasting service do you prefer comment down below.


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