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" I Don't Use Protection With This Married Man" He Is EXPOSED By Side Woman On FACEBOOK

There is no chill in Mzansi it seems as if it's a saga after another saga. A day ago it a man collapsing a double-story house using an excavator. That was trending so rapidly in social media and it still on the lips of people. Well not so long, another love relationship is shaking the social media and this is now getting high attention from media. Some people will confuse you as to what do they want to achieve with their actions.

Image: Facebook

A lady by the name of Lelethu Dyantyi has done the unthinkable after she has posted pictures of herself along with a married man that he is dating. Looking at the pictures, they were in a particular public restaurant enjoying theirs abundantly. In these pics, we can see these two have glasses of wine and according to the caption written by this woman, they were celebrating 6 months of dating.

Image: Facebook

After they have spent time together, they were dismissed to their homes since this guy is married, he had to go to his wife and kids. Some they nothing is hidden that could not be revealed, is that true? Looking at this WhatsApp screenshot, this name is saved as Madoda. This man thought that everything is going great with his side chick but seemingly he didn't know anything.

Image: Facebook

After happiness and quality time they had together as they took many selfies or photos together. All of a sudden, this lady took these photos and posted them on Facebook without his consent. These pictures on Facebook came to his attention and he immediately went on WhatsApp to enquire about his side chick for the reason being. This lady was not bothered at all, this has confused this married man coz they never argued any point of friction between them.

Image: Facebook

Some people on Facebook thought that this lady has her own family and she is just a hidden project. He asks why did she embarrass him on Facebook, this lady responded by asking back and she said " what's wrong?" Possibly this woman is tired of being a side chick, however, this man's marriage might be at stake after this Facebook post. Well everyone on Facebook couldn't believe what this woman did

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