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Divorce Affair

Apparently Musa Khuwula started a petition for Mihlali Ndamase to lose her sponsorship

"It is shameful that big brands like Coca-Cola continue to work with and associate themselves with Mihlali Ndamase after we have seen on social media that she is actively involved in wrecking a home by dating a married man. Mihlali Ndamase continues and takes pride in her actions and continues to torment Maryjane Sidambe, whom she took as her husband."

A petition was created online that was against Mihlali Ndamase, who is living a great lifestyle. She has recently shared pictures from Mauritius and that would make her haters more hateful. She got a partner who was married to someone and he left to be with Mihlali. Many people did not like that eventually as a result of the petition.

She is set to lose a sponsorship deal because of what has been crucial in her life. She is a social media influencer and the deal is important for her YouTube channel. But it seems like since she has a partner who is financially stable enough to also travel around the world, they just want her to lose the sponsorship.

Maryjane Sidambe and her husband Leeroy Sidambe have two kids, and they are also dragged into this unwanted relationship that Leeroy has with apparently homewrecking Mihlali Ndamase. Her haters are not letting it go that they are in a relationship which could potentially get to a marriage. As for the divorced wife, she did not take to the media to speak for herself about it.

They have been calling Mihlali by names on social media, attempting to shame her for being in a relationship with Leeroy and traveling the world. She is constantly sharing pictures of different countries and cities, which could be her way of responding to the hate she is getting. Others have stopped talking her on podcasts, but some they have not stopped talking on other platforms.

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