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Divorce Affair

New information: Another celebrity couple admits DIVORCE considerations

There are seldom long-term relationships among celebrities, even if they are married.

Recently, a number of celebrities have announced their splits.

The fact that it came as a surprise surprised a lot of people.

Several high-profile celebrity couples have recently discussed the idea of divorce.

Their experience as a married couple has been openly discussed by both him and his wife, former Scandal actress Hungani Ndlovu.

As of late, the pair has been openly discussing their marriage on YouTube.

Their most recent YouTube video, We Thought About Divorce, explains why they pondered divorce.

Stephanie and a close friend, Patronella, talked about the advantages and disadvantages of getting divorced.

Because many individuals assume that once a relationship ends, it's over, this is an important topic to discuss. Ex-partners who founded a business together should take this into consideration.

It is inevitable that their channel would suffer, but they may be able to keep the production company going if they do it amicably.

'Scandal' star Hungani, who played Romeo Medupe, indicated that he would only apply new ideas on a business level, despite the fact that his character was well-liked by viewers. For now, it's just an experiment.

Hungani believed that everything they brought into the marriage belonged to them legally, as well as all they developed together.

The property his wife bought before they got married is still hers, he said, adding that he doesn't own anything. That would be hers even if they were to part ways.

If the couple were to divorce, they would each receive half of the sale proceeds from the sale of their joint property and production company.


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