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5 Pictures Of Horror Movie Actors Side By Side With Their Creepy Roles

There have been many amazing movies made that have some super iconic characters that will be remembered for generations. Some of these are world-famous and are an unforgettable part of pop culture today. The make-up, costumes, editing, and incredible acting talent that have been pivotal in bringing these characters to life is something that just cannot be forgotten.

Angela Norris, the owner of Fxattics Studios can be credited for these amazing edits that you’re about to see. By putting the human actors right next to their most iconic characters, Norris has shown us the amazing transformations required to bring these characters to life. When you view them right next to each other, you will be truly amazed!

Angela herself talks about this idea she had to create these edited pictures: “I am the owner of Fxattics Studios, where I make props and Halloween masks, so I’m always trying to create works of art to increase my likes and views on the page. I had the idea to do the montage with the clown Twisty as many people don’t know that he is John Carroll Lynch from the show Drew Carey. My followers liked the idea and I kept doing it.” Whatever her motivation is, we can agree that this is an extremely original and exciting idea! So without any further delays let’s see these pictures for ourselves!

1. Michael Myers And Tony Moran From “Halloween”

2. Freddy Krueger And Robert Englund From “A Nightmare On Elm Street”

Angela’s inspiration for this project was started by her as follows: “I am a huge John Carroll Lynch fan and he portrays Twisty the clown of American Horror Story. So many people did not know that that was him. So, I decided to make a bunch of art pieces of horror Icons and the actors who portray them. A behind the mask and makeup, if you will.”

3. Samara And Daveigh Chase From “The Ring”

Angela tells us about her life: “I was born in Salem, Massachusetts, so you could say horror is in my blood. I have been in love with horror and monsters since I was 4 years old, at which time I accidentally watched A Nightmare on Elm Street with my brother Ken. My husband Alan and I run Fxattics Studios. I run the artistic side and he runs the business and marketing. I got the better end of the deal if I do say so myself. We have two children, Abigail, who is 10, and Adam, who is 14. They are often used as models and in our promotional videos. The apple didn’t fall far, that’s for sure. All the magic happens in Brooklyn, Michigan, which is where Fxattics Studios is located.”

4. Chucky And Brad Dourif From “Child’s Play”

Angela goes further: “What I love about horror is that it creates feelings much like being in love. The feeling of being scared and not knowing what’s coming next is so stimulating. Obviously, on the fictional level. I fell in love with my husband while watching horror movies. He had not seen many when we met. Still brings us together now. We scare each other all the time. Even the kids will hide for minutes on end for the perfect scare.

At the end of the day, we teach and preach that real monsters do not wear masks. We love what we do and know that the horror genre isn’t for everyone. For those like us who love it, we try to create content that stimulates, gets that blood pumping.”

5. Creeper And Jonathan Breck From “Jeepers Creepers”


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