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14 cute pictures of Gugu from Muvhango

Bukamina Cebekhulu plays Gugu in Muvhango's #FriendshipGoals narrative, but she says she has no time for "toxic" connections in real life, unlike her on-screen character.

Imani, Marang, Gugu, and Rendani's Muvhango friendship fell apart, leaving tongues wagging. The #FriendshipGoals foursome, which appeared to be a "ride or die" type of friendship at first, quickly shattered when Imani betrayed Marang by sleeping with her fiancé.

Despite Imani's betrayal of Marang, Bukamina is confident that Gugu will stay her buddy.

She made it plain, though, that in the real world, she is quick to cut people off who act like the "selfish" Imani.

“In real life, I, Bukamina Cebekhulu, would never be friends with someone like Imani. I'm a huge believer in being honest and having each other's backs. I believe Imani's vulnerability is when it comes to guys. She would destroy a marriage, a relationship, and a family in order to get what she wants.

“I'd never deal with a friend like that; I'll abandon you without hesitation!”

The actor also discussed what she believes keeps friendships strong.

'I believe that honesty, communication, and a lot of fun, as well as the creation of memories, are what maintain a friendship robust and blooming.' I believe that as friends, you must be open and honest with one another.

Her colleague and on-screen bestie Innocent also shared her views on friendship

Inno said some of the longest friendships she has are almost two decades old. She said she was also grateful that, unlike the fictitious and flimsy friendship between Rendani and her friends, her friendships are solid.

“I have lost a friend along the way but fortunately it was not due to conflict. It happened because we grew apart, as people often do in life. It happens and also we need to be OK with the fact that you were probably good for me 10 years ago but right now, where I am in my life? — you are no longer serving me or I am no longer serving you.

It's fine if friendships fade away,” Innocent explained.

Innocent believes that, like any other type of relationship, friendships should have an end date if life so dictates.


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