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Kanye West is to blame for these guys hairstyles.

Ever since Kanye West divorced his wife he has been doing new and strange things to us you can swear he lives in his own world because whatever he does will leave everyone shaken.

We can now not go on a day without hearing news about Kanye West he comes up with something new that will surprise or caught the attention of his fans evertime he decides to go in public.

Kanye West doesn't give us any chance these days while we're still amazed at the way he chooses his type of clothes he comes up with something new and more strange styles.

some are still amazed by the type of his shoe brand Jeezey which are different from the regular ones we wear.This weekend he just confused many with his new hairstyle which made many to question their eyesight.

Some joked and said anything they wished about his action but it is clear that not everyone is against Kanye West's style.

Because it's not even two weeks since he appeared on social media with his new hair style, but there are already people who have decided to do this style on them.

It is clear that many people look up to him and love the way he does things.

A man posted a picture of himself on social media with his style exactly as Kanye West told his friends that he too thought it best to do the most expensive style for his hair.

Another guy was also seen with strange hairstyles in his hair and Kanye West was also blamed for being a bad influence to these gentlemens.

Even though the other guy didn't do the exact same haircut as that of Kanye West but for the fact that it was strange and not suitable for a man it led to people blaming him for all the strange things people are now coming up with.

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