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Maharaj finally expose Zola for selling the deal to Maluju oils. See what will happen

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Apparently it seems like this might be the end of Nokuzola in Imbewu the seed as Zithulele have been wondering on what exactly happened to his deal with Mr Kanaan. Zakithi saw it from the beginning that it was Zola however she didn't have enough evidence to prove that however we all know that Zola was blackmailed by her old friend to expose her secret of sleeping with Nkululeko if she does not give her what she wanted Apparently Zithulele does not really want to agree that it's his fiance who betrayed them hence he claimed that he trust her with all of his life. His sister Zakithi was with him when he was told all of this and she seems like she is prepared to investigate and prove that indeed it's Zola who took that Mr Kanaan deal to Maluju oils Apparently you will remember that Maharaj and his son Yveer did some little investigation about Nokuzola and they were sure that someone blackmailed her about something so that she can give that person the deal. It seems like they found out that Zile was the one who leaked out that dealLeave your comments please



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