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What Gavin hunt is holding broke the internet.

South Africans found a picture of Gavin Hunt, that look d pretty odd in the eyes if many. The main attraction in the picture is the location of Gavin Hunt's hand, that is seen on the behind of his player.

Gavin hunt wasn't the only person that caught heat for grabbing player a little below the waistline, the player was also made fun off by twitter citizens , asking how is it possible that a male could look like such (sounds like a compliment to me).

The oval shaped proportions also led to some believing that the camera angle is to blame for all of this, and that the angle greatly influenced how this picture looks

"Hai khona, this must be the camera"

Note that Gavin Hunt has been suspended as of late, and the comedians are coming in, claiming this is the main reason he got suspended.

Sources: twitter

Thanks for the read. Make sure to leave a comment and let me know if Gavin did anything wrong in the picture to receive such back lash, and is it wrong for males to have bigger behinds than their female counter parts?

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