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Was Bonang's Cousin Just Using Her?

By this time, there are so many people who already know who Pinky girl is. She was introduced to the world by Bonang, who also happens to be her cousin. The two of them were at some point inseparable, and most people loved them together. 

Most people, have by now noticed how Bonang doesn't hang out with someone for the longest time. Her friendships don't last for too long. She has been friends with most people in the industry, and suddenly, they just stopped posting each other. They never talk about what happened to their friendship.

Although she, and her cousin, who also happened to be her best friend, Pinky Girl are blood. They seem to have broken things off. The two last posted pictures with each other back in 2020, and they are reported to have gone their separate ways. It is said that she was tired of being treated like a 'hired help".

However, when one comes to think of it, nobody knew who Pinky was before Bonang introduced her to the world through her reality show. She even helped her to kick start with her first Deejaying gig. Now that Pinky is getting gigs all over, she is tired of being treated like Bonang's PA. Was she only using Bonang as a ladder?They are both living their own lives, and seem to be having fun apart. May they find a way to fix whatever it is that separated them. They made a good pair. It is always good to see two women loving each other. If they indeed fought, then it definitely also affected the family, or it is currently affecting the family. Let's just hope they just decided to love each other off social media. It is possible that they still have a really good relationship.


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