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Isencane Lengane: Here's What Got Everyone Talking

Isencane Lengane is a reality show that has millions of viewers. It is about two teenagers who are married. We have been following their lives since season 1 and the show has been nothing but very interesting.

Well viewers are very angry at Siyacela Dlamuka,the husband of Thando Dlamuka. Some people are even threatening to stop watching this reality show, because of Siyacela's childish or rather selfish ways.

Siyacela Dlamuka wants to take a second wife,yet he is not even working and he also mentioned that he does not even want to work. His plan is to be in a polygamous marriage,to be a stay at home husband and his wives will support him,both financially and emotionally.

This is indeed very selfish of him, because in a relationship. The financial and emotional support has to be mutual. No one deserves to be treated like a slave in a relationship. Thando Dlamuka has threatened to leave the marriage,but we will find out on the next episode.

Will she leave or stay? How do you feel about Siyacela's decisions?

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