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The Qwabe twins are really inlove with each other:Find out more about this love story.

The Qwabe Twins have been dazzling the social media with the uncertainty that are they dating or not, many people are not yet clear on this issue and it makes sense cause many people don't know more about these KZN born stars.

The Qwabe twins have taken the media stage in so many ways which gets their fans going daily to see what else are the girls going to bring next on performance, it has been clear that a lot of pics have been snapped of the two showing affection to each other which has been a little disturbing.

Speculations have been going on stating that the two might be dating, well honestly they are true, the Qwabe sisters have an instergram video which they have made showing more than affection on how they kiss and the song playing in the background, please use the link below to view the video

To those who are still in the dark after they have come clean on the media, the facts remain that what's going on behind the scene with the Qwabe sister is far more different to what they are denying on social media.

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