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Makhumalo Zuma: Who Is Gertrude Sizakele Khumalo, Jacob Zuma’s First Wife?

The late Thuli Zuma Thuthukile (Image Source)

Thuthukile Zuma is the youngest child of South Africa's former president, Jacob Zuma, and Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs. She had served as the department head for the Postal and Telecommunications Service.

Jacob Zuma's daughter holds the distinction as the youngest individual to ever head a ministerial office in the rainbow nation, a position she has maintained since her appointment in her mid-20s. Thuthu is a freelance administrator and writer for Emmy Award-winning TV production company Stained Glass Productions.

She co-owns the company Nyenyedzi Productions with her sisters Gugulethu and Nokuthula. The company's show It's My Life is extremely popular in South Africa. The 33-year-old holds an important role in the African National Congress (ANC). In April of 2021, she was promoted to head the African National Congress Youth League's Fundraising Task Team.

The Life of Thuthukile Zuma, Condensed

In complete, his name is Thuthukile Xolile Nomonde Zuma.

Thuthu is a popular pseudonym.

To be More Precise: a Female Sex Orientation

A birthday is April 18, 1989.

South Africa's president, Thuthukile Zuma, was born on July 9, 1964.

People of African descent who were born in South Africa and went on to get degrees from the University of Witwatersrand are Cancers.

Sex orientation that is straight

Temple of the Lord Jesus Christ

Langa and Kwame Zuma are Thuthukile's sons.

Jacob and Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma are doting parents to their son Thuthukile.

Msholozi Zuma, Gugulethu Zuma-Ncube, and Nokuthula Nomaqhawe Zuma are all related.

Thuthukile Zuma, daughter of President Jacob Zuma, is the former ANCYL branch chairwoman and former Chief of Staff at the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services, and she is worth more than R2 million.

Thuthukile Zuma's Instagram handle is @thuthuzuma.

To keep up with me, tweet to @Thuthu Zuma.

Nkosi Thuli Madikizela-Mandela Thuthukile Zuma's Facebook profile

The age of Thuthukile Zuma has long been a mystery.

The 33-year-old South African politician Thuthukile Zuma. On April 18, 1989, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, the wife of South Africa's current president, gave birth to their daughter. She was raised in South Africa, where she picked up fluency in both English and the local Zulu tongue. The praised member is notable for his or her position in the ANC at such a young age, and has already accomplished much.

When she was named Chief of Staff at the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services in May 2014, at the age of 25, she became the youngest person in South Africa to oversee a minister's office.

At the beginning of 2021, at the age of 31, Thuthu was put in charge of raising money for the African National Congress Youth League. She has served as the ANCYL Johannesburg branch's chairwoman and secretary.

To begin with, we need to know where Thuthu originated.

Thuthukile's father, South Africa's former president Jacob Zuma, is a well-known figure in the country. In recent years, he has come to widespread attention due to his arrest for contempt of court on corruption claims.

The violence that ensued after his arrest in July 2021 split the African National Congress. While Zuma was granted medical release in September 2021, he remains in custody on corruption charges.

Thuthukile looks up to Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, an anti-apartheid activist, politician, and mother. Among the ranks of the African National Congress, she ranks very high in seniority. She served as South Africa's Health Minister under President Nelson Mandela from 1994 until 1999. She was foreign minister under both Thabo Mbeki and Kgalema Motlanthe's regimes.

She was the Minister of Home Affairs during her now-ex-husband President Jacob Zuma's first time in office. Cyril Ramaphosa succeeded Jacob Zuma as president in 2018, and she was appointed to the role of Minister in the Presidency for the National Planning Commission for Policy and Evaluation.

As of this writing (May 30, 2019), she is serving as Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs. Thuthukile Zuma's mother was born on January 27, 1949, in Natal, South Africa. She is a Zulu. She earned her BS at the University of Zululand before continuing her education at the University of Natal's School of Medicine.

She received her bachelor's degree from Bristol University and her master's degree in tropical child health from Liverpool University.

Understand Thuthukile Zuma's Family

In 1982, Thuthukile Zuma's parents tied the knot. In 1998, after 16 years of marriage, her mother filed for divorce. They are Msholozi Zuma, Gugulethu Zuma-Ncube, Nokuthula Nomaqhawe Zuma, and Thuthukile Zuma, all of whom are daughters.

The only child of her parents to be involved in politics and the African National Congress is Thuthu, the former chief of staff. All of her sibling's went into the entertainment business. Observe how her other sisters are doing.

Zuma Msholozi.

Jacob Zuma and Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma are the parents of their daughter Msholozi Zuma. She was born to anti-apartheid campaigners from her home country, who were living in exile in Swaziland in 1982. Her name, Msholozi, was selected to honor her father's Zulu ancestry.

Despite Thuthu's brother's reputation for secrecy, his sister made headlines in 2013 when she and their father discovered that, despite being a legal resident of Swaziland, she was not featured on the voter registration list. Her birth certificate was only issued after her father made several frantic phone calls, during which he explained that she had been born in exile.

Gugulethu "Gugu" Zuma-Ncube is his name.

Gugulethu Zuma is a well-known film actress and producer whose credits include Isidingo, Rhythm City, and Interrogation Room. The eldest of Jacob Zuma and Nkosazana Dlamini-two Zuma's daughters. Stained Glass Productions is owned jointly by Gugu and Kobedi "Pepsi" Pokane.

Uzalo, The Wife, Durban Gen, and Lingashoni are just a few of the popular soap operas produced by the Emmy-winning TV production firm in South Africa. He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1985. She studied media arts at AFDA, a private school that offers courses in film, radio, television, podcasting, live performance, business innovation, and technology.

She graduated with a BA in Live Performance in 2007. Wesley Ncube is the son of Prof. Welshman Ncube, a famous politician in Zimbabwe, and Thuthukile Zuma's sister was married to him in December 2008.

The Nokuthula Zuma Paraphrase The year 1987 is mentioned as "Thuli" Nomaqhawe Nokuthula's birth year. She earned a master's degree in economics from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and a master's degree in business administration from Wits University. Thuli has been a member of the Presidency's monitoring and evaluation team since 2010. When it comes to business, she has a stake in Nyenyedzi Productions. She has been on series like It's My Life, where she has acted.

Thurhukile Zuma's Educational Background

Thuthu Zuma graduated from Westerford High School in 2006. Jacob Zuma's daughter was active in high school politics and served on the school's History and Current Affairs Committee. She was a huge fan of both the performing and visual arts, and she also enjoyed debating. Consequently, she was in charge of both the hockey team and the One-Act Play.

She went on to study anthropology, sociology, and international relations at the University of Witwatersrand. In 2011, she received her BA from that school. Thuthukile Zuma was involved with the South African Students Congress while she was a student. She was also a member of the Young Communist League and the Branch Executive Committee of the African National Congress Youth League.

The ANC member continued her education at the same university after receiving her Bachelor of Arts in 2011. The subsequent year she completed her graduate studies and earned her degree. She has also done several other notable things while attending the University of Witwatersrand:

Topping the Class in the Analysis of the Development of Anthropological Concepts

First-Class Honors Diploma in the Analysis of African Language Change and Relationships

Receipt for Completion of Tutoring Course and Award Certificate for Academic Excellence in the Field of Postsecondary Education in the Sociology of Africa

Jacob Zuma's daughter used to be a high school television show or hostess

Thuthukile Zuma joined Octigon in 2004 as a TV presenter after participating in the school's acting team and serving as the director of One-Act Play.

She was the host of Destination SA, a travel magazine show on SABC2 aimed at young people in South Africa. She conducted voiceover work, live hosting, and recording for many shows. It was in 2005 when she decided to leave the company.

In 2011, Thuthu completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Witwatersrand and has since been working as an instructor there. She worked as an invigilator for freshman exams and as a tutor for first-year Anthropology majors.

Thuthukile Zuma's appointment as chief of staff has been met with criticism.

In 2013 and 2014, Thuthukile Zuma was an SSA public relations officer. She was responsible for assisting the Minister in his public position by conducting research, drafting speeches, and organizing events. Moreover, she assisted the Minister in his communications with the broader public. In May of 2014, Minister Siyabonga Cwele of the Department of Telecommunications appointed Jacob Zuma's daughter to be his Chief of Staff.

The majority of Americans were unhappy with her selection. Because she lacked the necessary expertise and training, many people questioned her suitability for the role. Due to her close relationship with former president Jacob Zuma, some have accused her of nepotism. Candidates for the post of Chief of Staff should have at least five years of experience in a senior management role, and preferably more than ten.

The individual in charge of ministerial services should be well-versed in the Public Service Management Framework, the Public Finance Management Act, and ministerial functions. Many people objected to Thuthukile's nomination as chief of staff at the Ministry of State Service because she had only been working there for a short time (a matter of months) and the position hadn't been publicly announced.

There was no special treatment for Thuhukile Zuma, according to the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services. She was instead hired because she possessed the requisite knowledge and expertise for the job. As Chief of Staff, Jacob Zuma's daughter resigned in December 2015 after receiving harsh criticism from the public. Her annual salary was close to R1 million.

Thuthu entered the stained-glass industry as a worker in 2017.

Thuthukile Zuma was hired as a manager by Thusanani Foundation in 2016 after quitting her influential job as chief of staff. She served in a variety of capacities at the charity. Part of the task involved raising money, talking to relevant people, forming partnerships, and finding far-flung classrooms and neighborhoods that could benefit from the Thusanani curriculum.

During that time, Thuthu began working as a researcher for Stained Glass Productions. She conducted extensive research on a wide variety of topics and presented her findings in a variety of formats. In 2019, she began working as a researcher at KNN. She returned the next year as a freelance administrator and writer for Stained Glass Productions. Casting actors is just one of her many responsibilities at the production company.

Her leadership of the ANCYL Fundraising Task Force began in 2021.

Dumisani Zuma, the daughter of President Jacob Zuma, was appointed chairman of the African National Congress Youth League's Fundraising Task Team on April 12th, 2021. She will thus be in charge of coordinating the young group's fundraising efforts. In the early months of 2021, in response to severe financial instability caused by the senior party members' vast corruption, the party formed the National Youth Task Team (NYTT).

The ANC national executive committee resolved to form a new task team in 2019 after the ANC Youth League was abolished. Thuthukile Zuma was a prominent member of the African National Congress in Johannesburg before his appointment.

She was one of seven people proposed to President Cyril Ramaphosa by Parliament to serve on the board of the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) in 2020. She previously chaired and was secretary of the ANCYL's Northcliff, Johannesburg, Bheki Mkhize branch.

Doing Good

Thuthukile Zuma volunteered his time between 2005 and 2013. She began volunteering with Molo Shongololo NGO in 2005, where she and other teenagers debated and revised the Children's Bill.

In 2009, she volunteered with the African Religious and Health Assets Programme, where she assisted with sexual health initiatives for high school students. Both Thuthu and her sister Gugulethu have been working in the ANC's Luthuli House headquarters since 2011.

She traveled widely within the ANC to probe operational issues and other complaints. Moreover, she kept a journal detailing her visits to numerous outposts. The Thusanani Foundation and Rural Reflect both benefited from her contributions in 2013.

I was wondering whether you knew the status of Thuthukile Zuma's marital status.

Thuthu is quite discreet about her personal life. As a result, we still don't know if she's married or not. Despite the widespread adoption of social networking sites, she has never revealed any information about her sexual life on the web. Yet, she routinely shares photos of her family, including her two kids, Langa and Kwame. As the amount of gossip about her personal life continues to grow, she is expected to make a public statement.

May I inquire as to whether or not Thuthukile Zuma makes use of Instagram?

The ANCYL's director of fundraising is a verified Instagram user. She has over 2700 followers on Instagram and has posted over 400 times under the handle @thuthuzuma. Compared to her husband, Thuthukile Zuma is more engaged on social media (Thuthu Zuma). She keeps her page fresh with new photos of her loved ones and details about her work with the African National Congress Youth League.

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