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Imbeweu: Thokozile destroys the Bhengu family, Kamadonsela saw her on the dream

Apparently it seems like this might be the end of the Bhengu family as we all saw that Thokozile returned to the show, however we all know that Kamadonsela has a calling from the Bhengu ancestors hence she had a dream of Thokozile coming back to destroy the Bhengus. You will remember that Thokozile recently wanted to meet with her son Nkululeko but he told her that he want nothing to do with her, Kamadonsela recently invited Mazulu to warn her about ThokozileApparently you will remember that it seems like things will be more easier for the Bhengu family because she sees everything that will happen to her family, hence she claimed that she had a vision of Thokozile coming back to ruin them. We all know that Nkululeko faked her mother's death but the big question is what do you think will happen to him?Apparently you will remember that Mazulu seems to be very surprised to hear these news Leave your comments please



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