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Husband and wife relationship

Just in time, women gather their funds to host MaShelembe a baby shower, she is 7 months pregnant

On a TV programme #Mnakwethu , hosted by Musa Mseleku , a women by MaShelembe refused to be accept to a second wife brought in by her husband . The second wife was already pregnant as the husband has been sneaking out of his first wife to enjoy the proposed second wife , as he knew that he made the second wife pregnant , he decided that he wants to do right by her and marry her as his second wife .

Unfortunately things didn't go as planned by her husband when Makhosi Shelembe stood up for herself , to refuse to be ill treated . She won big by leaving her long life marriage when her man was introducing her as the second wife . According to the couple , the man already paid lobola for his second wife behind his first wife . It is said Musa paid 4 cows for his first wife and the family was yet expecting him to settle the obligation .

Well a power of social media rose upon MaShelembe , a situation of humiliation has turned into a blessing for her . Gifts and donations poured in to help assist her move out of the marriage to be independent and manage to take care of herself and children in restarting life .

She was offered a job , a place to stay in Johannesburg , while some were offering to help her start farming and others offered her land for planting . More gifts like clothes , spa treatment , airtime & data , cash and smartphone . One woman managed to find her and took her to a salon and accompanied her to open new bank account to receive public donations .

People really came through for her and it's amazing . While at it , women are gather their funds to host MaShelembe a baby shower .

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MaShelembe Makhosi Mnakwethu Musa Mseleku


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