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Gomora: Don is dangerous to his own family

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Zodwa has depicted being the mother as opposed to being a meaning of a stepmother towards Sibongile. She really focuses on her like her own kid which is nice to see and may assist with eradicating the shame of stepmother. Nonetheless, Bongani is by all accounts the depiction of a stepfather. At the point when he wasn't staying with Teddy and Sibongile he was by all accounts all ideal, despite the fact that no one is perfect except for he appeared to be adoring towards them. In any case, with him remaining with them his real nature is beginning to appear.da2 45

Has he generally been this way or he needs to drive teach on somebody's kids? The personality of Bongani on the telenovela has taken a turn in the beyond a couple of days. Bongani has never shown his family and youngsters as he generally claims to have his own family. He has depicted being cherishing towards Teddy and Sibongile and showed the amount he gave it a second thought and upheld their family. Was it each of them a method of drawing them into enjoying him? Are these the genuine nature of Bongani? Or on the other hand, would he say he is taking out his dissatisfactions on some unacceptable individuals?

Now and again certain individuals are nice to keep them a long way from your own space or your kids. Bongani has shown the opposite side that none of them expected of him. Whom will Zodwa pick either Bongani and Don? At this stage, Don is by all accounts better compared to Bongani as he thought often more about his youngsters. Does this mean Bongani just focused on the youngsters so they could cherish and invite him however turn on them while they aren't anticipating him?da3 32

The writers and makers of Gomora are showing Zodwa being stuck between the stone and the hard spot. Being a single parent proves to be useful as she has youngsters to deal with and she picked what appears genuine and reliable in her eyes. She didn't realize that Bongani have his shortcoming as well. Whom will Zodwa pick?

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