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Simo slams Night club girl in Instagram after she massaged him, "You're ruthless Simo"

- Headlines are pouring out as Simo from Scandal puts night club girl at her place. The girl known as @nessa_hashy on Instagram has put herself on the public's eye after an argument with celeb @Simo from Scandal.

- The girl whom Simo meet at a night club for a one night stand, fell in love with Simo and wanted him to do the same, but Simo felt no need to date the girl.

On the screenshots shared on social media, It is confirmed that is true that Simo really met her and they got to know each other well. Simo had deleted the girls numbers and ghosted her, lastly by telling her he didn't want anything to do with her.

The young woman by being stubborn followed Simo on his Instagram page to talk it out with him, but she received a response that made her look weak.

Here are the screenshots the young women shared to the public:

After this people had mixed reactions towards the two people, a lot of people asked themselves who is the problem between the two. Some told the girl that she should have kept it to herself than expose herself to the public.

Here are a few comments people had in mind of the two:

Who made a mistake between the two? Some say @nessa and others say @Simo. What do you think? Drop a comment, share, like and follow for more articles to come in the future.


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