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Melita has been shot, checkout who is the perpetrator, more on Skeem saam

Melita has been shot, and we can't fight the temptation to think Meikie Maputla is the guilty party. Someone is trying to move toward Meikie for a bad behavior she didn't do. Fans are at this point conjecturing regarding who might have released the shot.

Many Twitter clients acknowledge it was Meikie, who had actually been let out of prison, who pulled the trigger, while others acknowledge it was Leeto. Melita, in any case, is one individual who #SkeemSaam aficionados know undoubtedly. Melita was reasonable shot by a comparative individual who was amigos with Meikie's ex-convict Olivia.

Meikie is by and by the extraordinary suspect in the manslaughter, despite the way that she didn't do the bad behavior. Meikie, at any rate, hasn't gone out and has a comparative John as a clarification.

Melita was being pursued by someone who expected to shoot her, and that individual was the individual who did thusly.

While Melita's passing is accounted for, certain people could associate it with Meiki's end. Meikie, of course, has a justification. Melita is framed by Octavia's man buddy. This has been in progress since they were confined. This is being finished by Octavia's firearm to return Meikie to imprison.

Melita was more likely than not assigned by Miekie's kindred detainee. They won't have the choice to move toward her since she was with John when Melita was terminated, and her gun grant has been dropped, so she doesn't have one. In any case, the issue is that it was organized mistakenly considering the way that Meikie was accessible in the house with a full house.


What isn't yet clear is the means by which she will show this. She didn't require Melita, as everyone knew. She shot MaNtuli for setting down with her man, and Melita adhered to this equivalent example to cause it to appear like she made it happen.

Do you acknowledge Melita was killed by someone you know?

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