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RHOD: Jojo Robinson slammed as a "spoilt brat" by viewers who want her OUT

The ladies of the Real Housewives of Durban have been turning up the heat bit by bit this season. The three newbies had everything to do with this but particularly, Jojo Robinson who has had viewers upset for the past few weeks.

An initial favourite, her behaviour has made it obvious that she is spoilt, insensitive and crass.

Jojo started off the season as the fun new addition and a friend of OG and the shows "darling" Sorisha Naidoo. I was one of the people who at the time, enjoyed her seemingly bubbly personality and numerous tattoos. It felt like she would add a lightheartedness to the show that I thought was missing. But Jojo has proved that isn't what she's truly about.

There have been many occasions of her being out of touch with real life. The most vivid one being her attack on MaBusi which has further escalated into being physical. She poured water on MaBusi and her lack of remorse and crocodile tears have left a bad taste in people's mouths.

Social Media Response

People have had enough of her antics and don't want to see her next season.

One user wrote, "Jojo is a Karen, she mustn't come back next season #RHODurban"

While another user wrote, "Jojo it's been real, I'm sure you had fun this season, please don't come back.What a brat... Rude, condescending and disrespectful. Girl bye! #RHODurban"

While a final enraged viewer wrote, "Every black woman should be grossly offended with Jojo’s condescending behavior towards Mabusi. Talking down on a hard working black woman😦. It’s not being spoilt, or being pressed about Londi’s performance, it’s rooted in “Karen’ism” #RHODurban"

Personal Thoughts

I have to say that Jojo's behaviour is really improbable to me. She wants to provoke everyone and has zero sense of accountability when it all comes crashing down on her. She seems to be floating around with a sense of entitlement to all of the ladies lives. She doesn't seem to understand how to be a functional adult in front of others and it is deeply disappointing.

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Source: Real Housewives of Durban on Showmax

Images📸 courtesy of Jojo Robinson Instagram

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