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Top 5 SA Celebrities Who Allegedly Speak Broken English

South African Celebrities have been gorwing their brands, not in within our borders, but going beyong them and they have gained fans all over the glode as they have communicated with them on different communications mediums.

However, there are those celebrities that have not stopped to surprise as with their use of English words while speaking or texting on Social media, and this has made fans to notice some blunders in regards to speaking English language fluently.

Some of them it might be understood that their background didn't equip them enough to impress fans and be able to form a sensible sentence withiu making a mistake.

Let's take a look at these celebrities and their stories of breaking English language as if they own it.


Makhadzi is one of the celebrities that fans have noticed that her English is not that good, and this might be the reason that makes her choose to speak her Home language more than English.

Her fans once told her to get an English teacher, just to boost her communication skills, because not being able to speak English properly can make it difficult to construct a good sentence, when faced with English speaking people.

Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest has been talking about not being a graduate, so we can give him thumbs up because he can actually speak English, but the problem is when he decides to tweet something, putting wrong words where they don't fit, leaving fans drowning in confusion.

Kabza Da Small

Kabza got people talking as they noticed that he doesn't communicate with his fans that much, and when he does, he uses his native language.

It is said he can't even write proper sentences on his own.

Maybe he must consider investing on learning English not spending money on sneakers and imported cars.


Known for his talent on the decks, je is also known for the pain he causes fans when he text in English.

Babes Wodumo

Babes Wodumo is one of those celebrities tjat have tried to speak English but failed and how she is, she on different occasions admitted that English is difficult for her and preferred speaking isiZulu.

We a know that to some of us, English is not our mother tongue, but that is no excuse to not start learning to speak it properly, because it is a language of instruction and communication in most places.

Please share your thoughts about this about these celebrities and their lack of speaking English properly at their level.


Content created and supplied by: DumisaNxusani (via Opera News )

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