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Uzalo: Kwanda and Nonka get back together and Hleziphi confess

The current second Hleziphe is particularly furious about the standard healer on the grounds that Kwanda doesn't regard her, he put down with her, however all the while Kwanda isn't generally enchanted considering the way that he respects Nonka, Hleziphe discharges that her association with Nonka is squashed and she could lose her work, survey Nonka is additionally her chief.

Hleziphe will take ownership of them and they won't be stunned be they will anytime feel that Hleziphe may be answerable for their division, and Madongwa tried to tell Nonka, yet Nonka didn't tune considering the way that she confides in Hleziphe evidently, eventually she will grieve confiding in her.

Kwanda will also go to Nonkas family and apologize for all that he did to Nonka, in light of the fact that he made them to persuade Nonka that he really esteems her, eventually as he was not generally entranced it made them to be crazy with him, imagining that he was not colossal of her.

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