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VIDEO: A South African DJ throws money to the crowd at Onyx Sundays

A South African DJ was splashing money on the audience, and that was something not done by DJ's usually. In most cases, it is about the crowd being happy with their DJ and they will give the money to them. Things have changed since the days of Onyx Sundays, and it is regarded as the highest balling destination compared to other places.

The DJ is known for having a musk on for which he will remain unidentified but for his skills and moments from the podium can't go unoticed. He is a high-baller who makes his audience by throwing money at them. As reported to the media with the caption "I kid you not, this one is not some club in Mexico or Dubai, it is in South Africa."

People are going to fantastic places to get the best memories of their lives. In South Africa, when something is popping very hard, many people will love to be at that place, and it has been happening with vehicles, vacation destinations, phones, and a proverb that is created to interact with one another (Ziyakhala) in one of them and loved.

One thing that comes from people is having to flex all the time. They want to be seen as one of the best individuals for something they will be showing off. Sometimes it is about cars, clothes, and it will not come to an end soon and some people don't like to show off that they are having someone nice. But then you will never be the best of it.

Someone will do better than you, but it is best to make the most of your opportunity because someone will challenge you on it. As for the Onyx DJ, he is the man of the moment. When you are doing something and you put money into it to flex, it gets a lot of attention.

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